Artist Statement


I create art to reveal unseen abundance and encourage community and connection, using a variety of media to capture unexpected moments of grace and beauty in everyday life and unexpected places.

Three themes run throughout my work: interaction, singular beauty, and appreciation for the undervalued.

  • In my life and the world around me, I’ve noticed that growth and thriving occur through interaction between people, cultures, and systems both human and natural. Moments of dynamic interaction intrigue and excite me, and I try my best to capture and share them through art.
  • I love the singular beauty of individual people, places and things.
  • I attempt to reveal and celebrate unexpected beauty, grace and power within people, places and things that are typically labelled as deficient or broken by our world.  By communicating this, I hope to redefine these things in society’s eyes, so that we can become stronger and healthier individually and collectively by including the talents of all and excluding no one.