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The Asset-Based Community Development Institute of DePaul University

The Abundant Community Initiative ~ a path to transforming neighborhoods into hubs of connection, exchange and citizen-led action one block at a time

Mike Green, author of When People Care Enough to Act



in Florida:

SCOPE “to connect and inspire citizens to create a better community.”

Transition Sarasota ~ Building sustainable, just, and conscious community from the bottom up.

WSLR 96.5 Community Radio

Realize Bradenton

WMNF 88.5 Community Radio, Tampa

Catalyst Miami


and beyond…

A Small Group ~ Cincinnati, OH ~ committed to the creation of a restorative and reconciled community.

Grassroots Grantmakers a network of place-based funders in the United States and Canada who are working from a “we begin with residents” perspective 

The Coady Institute ~ Ontario, CA ~ International programs, studies and resources focused on “Igniting Leadership”

Broadway United Methodist Church ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ highly innovative congregation that builds community, economy and mutual delight

Nurture Development ~ Ireland, UK ~ “services that are informed by an alternative approach whereby the assets of communities are identified, connected and mobilized.”




Caitlin Petrakis Childs ~ Atlanta, GA

Rex Lai Consulting ~ Ohio ~ Designing Impact and Influence

Ron Dwyer-Voss, Pacific Community Solutions  ~ Sacramento, CA ~ Community Organizing and Engagement, Youth Engagement and Leadership Development, Community Health, Strategic Planning, Coalition Building and Collaborative Development

Thompson Community Relations Group ~ Chicago, IL~  a community-centered and people-focused consultancy supporting local people, associations and organizations in their community building efforts.

Suzanne Daigle, NU Focus Group ~ Open Space, Strategic Dialogue, Business Strategy & Communications (and more)



ABCD in ACTION An Online Network for those who believe inside-out, citizen-led community change

Inclusion Network ~ “Inclusion, Diversity, Community”


2 Responses to Links & Tools

  1. Mike Defazio says:

    Hi April. I met you at the Rawk Shop once. I am a friend of Melissa’s. Any way, who do you work for currently? Realize Bradenton or SCOPE? I too lived in Sarasota and liked that org. Just curious and I really love your site!
    See ya,

  2. April Doner says:

    Hi Mike,
    I literally just now saw this! So sorry for my delay — I must have missed the notification of your comment. I work as a Faculty Member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute with DePaul University, and got my original experience at SCOPE and have done some contract work with Realize Bradenton, and love those orgs as well! Would love to connect and hear about your experiences with community. 🙂

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