Graphic Recording


WHAT is graphic recording?

The process of capturing a conversation — its ideas and expressions, inspirations, goals, stories and plans — in pictures and words as it is unfolding in the moment.

Basically: you talk, I draw.

In meetings, conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, or even as a way of taking notes. Because everyone is a visual thinker on some level, graphic recording makes events and meeting more engaging, productive, creative and memorable for everyone involved.

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WHY use it?

Graphic Recording heightens the productivity, creativity, engagement and excitement of any gathering or meeting in the following ways:

  • Folks see immediately that their ideas are being heard.  Everyone knows they’re equally represented, easing tensions and anxiety and allowing creativity to flow.
  • The group experiences an immediate feedback loop of reflection, becoming inspired by its own ideas, questions or goals, and reaching a new level of intelligent deliberation.
  • Minimizes distraction and disruptions.  People who have a harder time staying engaged in a prolonged discussion have a live drawing to look at when their attention strays.  Because the picture is the conversation, the graphic brings these folks back into the conversation and helps to prevent disruptive “check-out” behavior like checking cell phones or off-topic tangents during important strategic discussions.
  • Seeing their words, “aha’s,” etc. come to life on paper surprises and delights a group with a sense of both accomplishment and of the importance of their session.  This starts at the very beginning and increases to an immensely satisfying close by the end of any conversation or meeting.
  • Produces a vibrant visual record of what they just discussed and decided as a group, to refer back to for (often necessary) inspiration and memory jogs for months and years to come.


A Testimonial:

“April’s artistic illustration of our (NEAC) strategic planning retreat helped us immeasurably in our discussions during the meeting. We were able to see what we had discussed in real time as the meeting progressed so that subjects that might have passed unnoticed or marginally touched upon were expanded or explicitly addressed. Additionally, it has served as a historical record for reflection and review in the months since this meeting as we continue our planning process. April’s art is intuitive and insightful. I highly commend her to any organization or company wishing to add value and meaning to their discussions.”

Stephen J. Batten,
Secretary National Episcopal AIDS Coalition

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WHY do I do it?

Margaret Mead famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

My belief in the power of small groups and face-to-face conversation, deliberation and problem-solving fuels the joy I feel by putting my artistic and listening skills into service of such groups. In addition to my artistic skills, I bring my many years of experience and innate skills in facilitation, community dynamics and civic engagement into the process. This extremely satisfying work activates and challenges many of my capacities at once.

I also love that no experience is ever the same, and that each creation is something greater than me–a collaboration between me and everyone else in the room.


Me with the National Episcopal Aids Coalition Board after illustrating their retreat

Me with the National Episcopal Aids Coalition Board after illustrating their retreat


HOW can you use graphic recording?

To increase the memorability, magic and success of your next meeting, workshop, conference or cultural event, book me as a Graphic Recorder or Live Artist!

For more details:
(941) 266-9232