Commission Artwork

Give me your photo, story or idea,
and I will help you turn it into a beautiful work of art.

Watercolor Portrait – “Vong Zendik”

In today’s world, so much is replaceable and mass-produced.  Commissioning your own piece of original art is a wonderful way to

  • Honor a special person, pet, or personal memory
  • Creating a keepsake for you and your family
  • Give a unique and thoughtful gift to a loved one
  • Represent your project or business in an original and attractive way
  • Add value, style, and meaning to a home or office

AND–you’re changing the world!  When you commission work from me, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a small businessperson and helping build a stronger, more sustainable economy.

Interpretive Commission, Pen & ink – “Unicorn & Monkey”


Can I really afford you? I thought original commissioned work is way too expensive for most people.

I will work with you to make your goal happen.

The artist who first inspired me to become a working artist was truly a “people’s artist,” committed to making it possible for people in his community to have beautiful original art of their own.

I have a variety of media and sizes available to make it possible.  Depending on the situation, I can work out a payment plan and am open to bartering if our personal set of needs and skills match up.

How does it work?

In a nutshell:

  1. You let me know what you have in mind. We decide on medium, size, and due date and we make the deal official by signing a contract.
  2. You send me a 30% deposit, then I work with you to develop an image plan that suits you. Our starting point can be very loose and organic (like a concept or artistic interpretation of an existing image), or very straightforward (like a photo you want painted realistically). (see next question)
  3. I complete the painting within the agreed-upon timeframe, with a midway check-in and updates as desired by you. Within a reasonable limit, you can request alterations along the way and once we’re almost finished.
  4. When YOU are satisfied with the final piece, you take the painting home and give me the final 70% of the price.  If the piece’s destination place is nearby, I’m happy to come and help you find the best place for it to hang and do some light consulting on arrangement of decor to bring out the best features of the painting and its environment.


Acrylic on Canvas – “Nara y Enzo”

What do you need to create the piece? I can work with whatever you give me–from an existing photo you’d like realistically rendered to a concept or feeling you’d like to bring alive in a beautiful work of art.  For a more intense, amazing piece, I can draw the subject live.

Pen & Ink – “Nina & Olivia”

What media and formats are available?
I am creative and flexible!  Commissions are available in all media I use normally, including

  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Pen & Ink
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media (collage, digitally altered photography, sculpture, etc)

However, I’m always open to consider new media. I enjoy making each commission experience one in which we’re both exploring, experimenting and imagining together to create the most fantastic piece possible.  I will help you decide what media would best fit your image and situation.


Acrylic on Canvas – “Four Seasons”

What’s the timeframe? I can generally complete a piece within three weeks of contact. However, this varies with my schedule and the complexity and scale of the project.

What if I don’t live near you–can you ship it? Yes! We simply add shipping costs and time for shipping to the deal. I use very safe shipping materials to pack my paintings (because I love them just as much as I hope you will!).


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TO LEARN MORE, simply give me a call or shoot me an email and we can begin to

Pen & Ink – “Lovers”

brainstorm the possibilities!

phone: (941) 266-9232



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Click on the photo below to see past commission work and learn the stories behind them.