My new gig! This Week in Sarasota

Check out new article on This Week in Sarasota, written by… me!  Writing for this wonderful group gives me the chance to share broadly what I’m learning all the time anyway — exciting and wonderful treasures in my community and beyond of creative people, groups, transformative ground-up projects and partnerships.

Here’s a teaser of the  beginning and below that, a link to the previous article I wrote on another two wonderful local artist shows.

“Things Could  Have Been Different”

“Last weekend I was delighted to discover that artist and curator John Sims, who I’ve known from community projects and shows here and there, has a studio in my neighborhood, Gillespie Park. What’s more, I also learned that he was hosting a show as part of hisMathArt Project series for the talented artist Aaron Blackall…”




First Article:

Colorful Immersion: Darcy Little’s “Grand Arena,” SartQ’s “Avante-Garden”



What do you want to hear more about?  Any feedback on the writing/coverage/…?

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