Nowhere Bird

Today’s blog is brought to you by Friendship and Spontaneity.

About a month ago, I got excited about a little doodle I’d done absentmindedly while listening on a conference call, took a quick shot of it with my handy new phone, and sent it around to a bunch of unwitting friends. Among them was my fabulously talented, fun and creative friend Anastasia.  She wanted to write a poem about it.  “Cool!” I said.

And so was borne an unholy collaboration borne from the dank, quirky, bottomless place where our minds’ most bizarre forces combined…  for your potential enjoyment:

artwork: April Doner

artwork: April Doner


Stark is the border of Nowhere and Elsewhere

Where the trees die long and the hot sands blow

Lonesome and tearless, skittish yet fearless

Pacing and watchful is Crass the Damned Crow

He watches all those who have been long forgotten

They dance the dance of the sour and down trodden

While Crass sings them songs of joyful strewn woe


But not a thought spared for Crass, this proud sentinel raven 

whose only companions are spectacularly graven 

and whose home only allows shadows to grow 

His sing song retribution, not to wake from illusion

and eternity’s bow he’s burdened to tow.

~ Anastasia Santerre





Anastasia Santerre came breakdancing out of the womb, confused, bemused and dizzy. Simply stated, it hasn’t gotten better since. She lives in Palm Bay, FL with her family where she spends her time spouting expletives and howling at the moon.

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