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What small thing…? (the power of difference, & neighbors gathering)

As I prep for an ABCD Training for the Public Library Association next week in Chicago, I am moved to revisit some of my favorite stories I’ve encountered of people changing the world starting right outside their front door, acting … Continue reading

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Neighbor Moment: Nancy Called…

Phew! Another long & satisfying day… Passed a major milestone in building our company (updates on that soon!), made it outside to plant a half-box of black-eyed peas, and blasted through tons of communications. I’ve been challenging myself lately to … Continue reading

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LocalRoving: Green Foods Market (& the power of detours)

Today, on the way home from a meeting in Melbourne, I took the opportunity to check out a place I’ve had my eye on for weeks now – a little white and pale-green house tucked on the corner of Malabar … Continue reading

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The Art of Gift-Making: a Process Rife with Abundance

Gifting can be hard… really hard! In 5 Ways to Reclaim the Holidays, I explore ideas for using holiday gift-giving to build community while also producing kick-ass, original presents that will bring joy to your friends & family. Here, I’d … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Reclaim the Holidays ~ from Consumers to Producers

“Angels we have heard on high, tell us to go out and buy” So goes Tom Lehrer’s “A Christmas Carol,” which rings strangely relevant today despite the fact that it was written over 50 years ago. As Lehrer says, “Christmas time … Continue reading

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Shock and Resilience, in Squirrel Form

  Feeling grateful to have met this little creature today and had the unique opportunity to spend time with a “wild” being. Like many of us of late, he/she was in shock – in its case, my slinky black cat had … Continue reading

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A Bloggy Conundrum

OK y’all, this is an audience participation blog.  Get ready to share! I’ve been grappling with a conundrum of late, and am at that point of inner stalemate that begs for outside feedback. As my husband and I have gotten … Continue reading

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Sketch: Fandango Jazz

Two months ago, I bought a cute red sketchbook… it’s taken me that long to crack it open.  I’ve been knowing I need, “one day,” to get back to one of the things that I never needed to be taught… … Continue reading

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First i-Pad Sketch!

Yesterday, we invested in an i-Pad.  I’m NOT a fan of touch-screen, mainly because I’m a major creature of habit, but I could see some potential for using this technology for live graphic recording that can be quickly projected in … Continue reading

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Graphic Notes: “Make Every Connection Count”

I got some very encouraging ideas and examples from some dynamic, heart-centered and successful business-ladies today!   Here are my notes fromWomen With Moxie International Network‘s webinar, “Making Every Connection Count.”   My favorite things: COMBINE ACTIVITIES ~ find something … Continue reading

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