First i-Pad Sketch!

Yesterday, we invested in an i-Pad.  I’m NOT a fan of touch-screen, mainly because I’m a major creature of habit, but I could see some potential for using this technology for live graphic recording that can be quickly projected in a group gathering and perhaps adding some magic (and perhaps doing graphic recording for webinars…?)

Today I tried my hand at sketching, as kitty Solomon slept cozily on the daybed.  Here’s what came out:





  • I still think there’s something powerful about touching actual pen to actual paper…  the scratching of material on material, the need to watch not getting ink on your hands, the attunement of self to the physical world we inhabit. If an art teacher I admire’s belief that art is “learning from Life,” it still feels true to me that staying in touch with life’s physicality in the way we draw is somehow important. This is a gut kind of feeling and I’m not quite sure how to articulate it.
  • That said, it also is never a bad thing to have more skills. And I certainly won’t knock any artist who chooses this form over good old pen/brush on paper/wood/whatever.
  • The technology IS quite impressive!  Especially the water-color feature.
  • A very random, lovely thing happened when I shared this on Facebook:

Solomon Sleeps _Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.37.00 PM



Have you played with i-Pad / tablet sketching and found anything out?

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