Graphic Notes: “Make Every Connection Count”

I got some very encouraging ideas and examples from some dynamic, heart-centered and successful business-ladies today!


Here are my notes fromWomen With Moxie International Network‘s webinar, “Making Every Connection Count.”




My favorite things:

  • COMBINE ACTIVITIES ~ find something you enjoy doing and invite someone along. Like, if you walk every day, invite a different person each day. Nurturing our relationships naturally leads to opportunities, and we can do it while authentically valuing the people in our network.
  • There was a great back-and-forth around “removing negativity,” and being willing to cease our relating with people we don’t feel are engaging with US authentically…  I appreciated one speaker’s point that too often, we as women don’t communicate with each other when something rubs us the wrong way, and in doing this we end up sacrificing relationships to pent up frustrations/judgments and also missing an opportunity to give really helpful feedback. In the business world, she stressed, you say what needs to be said for the sake of the working relationship.  Too often, women talk about someone or silently judge, but don’t just have a straightforward conversation–one which could greatly help the other woman see herself and how she’s coming across. (For instance, those colleagues who only seem to reach out to you when they want to market their business). This made me really reflect on my own habits and recognize quite a bit of truth in this!


Thank you Dill Ward for your great work!!! I hope these notes can be helpful to the other participants and to your network 🙂


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