Surprises from a Florida day (p.3)

Continued from “Surprises from a Florida day, Part 2”


So many more things came forth from our day–too many to list, and that is just from MY perspective.   And, this is just the beginning.  My goal that this be more than a one-day “aha” seems to be materializing…

In response to my invitation to Indianapolis to see McKnight, Peter Block and radical old testament scholar Walter Brueggeman in May, I received news a couple days later that Joey and another participant have teamed up to charter a bus to Indianapolis!  A group has formed to continue growing together in practice, naming themselves “Sarasota Positive Deviants” and are now discussing a good time to get back together for dinner.  Hopefully, some folks will take Brother Lance up on his invitation — if you live or visit in Sarasota, go find him and visit!  His phone number is (941) 879-1111.


Underneath all of these stories and nuggets, what was my biggest takeaway?

A new sense of gratitude for all who have taught me and created potent spaces of learning–or, better yet, “remembering”–community and the habits of citizenship and neighbors, as well as an abiding sense of awe for how ready we all are to simply “remember who we are” (in the words of my friend and amazing community innovator Sharon Joy Kleitsch.)




Come to Indianapolis to the Abundance Festival on May 19!   Trust me, there is no replacement for being in a physical place where people are practicing this stuff, and Broadway is among the best (10 years strong and running).  And, you’ll get to hear pioneers of this movement speak and meet other “positive deviants” from around the country.

See flyer for registration info (do it ASAP, it’ll fill up fast!) and feel free to ask me about affordable lodging options and possible carpool buddies.


Abundance Festival Flyer FINAL (Low-res Letter)

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