Roving Notes (pt. 3): “Now that I know where you are”

Saturday, Sept 21

Walked for 30 minutes with my neighbor LaWanda today… so nice to just chat and get to know each other while achieving both our goals to get more exercise each day!

Before she came to meet me outside my house, I noticed a big billow of smoke and the stench of burning plastic – turns out there was a fire almost across the street, in the back of an empty lot. A man came walking out from there as the fire truck came around the corner. He waved them over, and as they started unloading I asked him what was burning–a house? a shed?”

“It was a pile of garbage. Someone must have set fire to it.”

THAT’s why it smelled so funky! So I asked if he lives here. He does–his name’s Darrell, he said, and he lives just down the street from me in a white house. I noticed that Darrell has a friendly manner and shared that he’s been through a lot, and is a talented “creator” — he creates out of metal and can also repair cars, and is just generally creative. We also talked about “devils” and how we each have our own demons to battle with all the time to become who we want to become. I shared that I do photography and (as happens so surprisingly often in this neighborhood), he said he might have some stuff for me–“Now that I know you and know where you’re at.”

Although I don’t need a car repair at the moment, I also logged it in my head to go ask Darrell’s help should something come up in my funky little Camry–now that I know where he’s at.

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