“Just Do It” Roving Notes (pt.1)


Ever since the big epiphany, after poking me from various angles, finally sank in last week that, regarding my writing and my neighborhood roving, the answer to my endless “analysis paralysis” was to “just do it,” I’ve been kicking my own butt pretty effectively to open that door and get out into my neighborhood, often with no plan but to connect.

The results have been heartening, surprising, delightful. After just a few days of this, I now have a new walking buddy (and exercise rhythm), know about 6 more people on or around my block and some of their gifts, and have 2-3 potential photography clients.  And, my life feels warmer, stronger, and more comfortable in the place I call home…  as someone once said, knowing neighbors extends the word “home” to include not just the four walls or corners of your yard, but your street, block, and the hearts and hearths of those who share it with you.


Here are some “Roving Notes” from the last few days. (I’m still figuring out the best way to “just do it” in terms of writing, so this is an experiment. Please let me know what you think!)

Thurs, Sept 19

Got back out in the neighborhood today, felt really good… hung out at Nosey’s (Body Oil, Incense, and much more) with the delightful owners, young entrepreneurs Rhyan and Brandon and their impeccably observant, determined and entertaining babygirl Rylan…

What I noticed, yet again, is how Nosey’s is such a hub of family and friendship in this neighborhood. One new thing, and in response to some troubling happenings in the neighborhood, Rhyan–a writer and very creative soul–posted signs up around the shop — one reading “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” with rip-off slips saying things like “Love” “Compassion” “Inspiration” “Hope” “Strength”, etc. … the other, hung just above the door handle as you enter, said “BLACK PEOPLE” in bold black letters in the center, with phrases “Support One Another” / “Help Each other” surrounding it in stylized colorful writings.

I met Ashley, Rhyan and Brandon’s angel babysitter who loves babies so much, she comes and takes her friends’ babies for days at a time, sometimes at no charge, and cares for them to give the parents a much-needed break.

I’ve also noticed since moving into this neighborhood — which many white friends raise their eyebrows when hearing it’s my home, because it’s considered a ‘bad’ neighborhood — how much more people are open and eager to support me as a freelance businessperson than in the circles I usually move… today, when Ashley realized that I do photography, she asked if I could do a portrait of her and her family. Rhyan was an even better promoter of me than myself today, since I’ve let myself run out of biz cards.. but Rhyan had my cards right on hand!

There is so much unseen caring, collaboration, economy happening here. It arouses in me great respect and great humility. Indy people, I encourage you to stop by and meet these great people, and support them with your business–grab a snack, some scented oils, incense or smokes–especially the “walking taco” which is an ingenious portable dollop of indulgence.

(here are some pictures of Rhyan, Brandon, their baby girl and shop, taken several months back)


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