Shock and Resilience, in Squirrel Form



Feeling¬†grateful to have met this little creature today and had the unique opportunity to spend time with a “wild” being. Like many of us of late, he/she was in shock – in its case, my slinky black cat had somehow caught him by the neck and brought it into the house (quite proud and excited).

With a torn heart (i do respect a hunter’s right to its prey… but I can’t just let a creature die a few feet away from me) I extricated it from Solomon’s jaws, and little thing just wouldn’t move, tho I know its neck wasn’t broken. So I put it gently into a Tupperware with a soft dishrag just beside my work station in the study, periodically petted it and just stayed with it.

Then Trae walked in and went to pet it and WHOA! Little thing shot up and began fireballing around the room, from chair rim to daybed to desk edge to right behind the printer… Where it stopped and just kinda hunkered down. One minute ago running away, now it let me put my hands around it and pick it up. I carried the sweet creature thru the wooden gate, to the yard and out to the big tree where I heard (maybe?) its little cousins or sisters cawing up above in their scratchy squirrel way, perhaps lamenting the assumed death of their kin, snatched by a black cat. It laid inert in my grasp until its toes touched tree trunk, then SHOOP, up it went!

Free and hopefully happy, and hopefully not too traumatized.

This revival is what I’m 100% committed to hastened for my country, which I love, and which is suffering.

Thanks little buddy for gracing my day.


More election reflections coming soon…

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