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Shock and Resilience, in Squirrel Form

  Feeling grateful to have met this little creature today and had the unique opportunity to spend time with a “wild” being. Like many of us of late, he/she was in shock – in its case, my slinky black cat had … Continue reading

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A Bloggy Conundrum

OK y’all, this is an audience participation blog.  Get ready to share! I’ve been grappling with a conundrum of late, and am at that point of inner stalemate that begs for outside feedback. As my husband and I have gotten … Continue reading

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What’s in a Meal? (pt.2)

Continued from Part I We Eat The meal began naturally.  After a prayer led by Joey, we eagerly began to pass dishes and fill our plates with delicious-looking and -smelling breakfast food: chocolate pancakes, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon. I was … Continue reading

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Roving Notes 1.25.14: “Return / Neckbone / Bubble / Care”

  Still whirling from the thrill, flurry, million-feeling core connections and life-altering epiphanies of my trip to New York, I’m back home in my neighborhood… for me, the stage of my work and of my own heart’s greatest learning. Even … Continue reading

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A hushed room: open mic at Pastry Art

Originally published in This Week in Sarasota   This week gave me the chance to make the fourth stop on my local tour of the Open Mic scene abuzz in our fair town. This journey began four months ago as … Continue reading

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Aaaaah! Amazing poetry

Yet another event I missed, but am eternally grateful to local talented friend/visual entrepreneurs for having captured. Must share. What’s you’re favorite line(s)? Buddy Wakefield Live at the Blue Owl (Sarasota) ~April

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Personal Pledge: Buying Local this Xmas

First off — MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I want to take a moment to share a personal commitment I’ve made this season, which I believe will make a real difference in my local community (and the world), and make … Continue reading

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Who Says Sarasota’s Boring?

Proof otherwise: ONE Too bad I missed it but thank god for stop-motion video, John Lichtenstein’s “White People” and local video-photo-capturing badasses Scott Braun, Stephen McFadden and John Lichtenstein. I ALMOST feel like I was there. My favorite moment has … Continue reading

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Youthful Musings

*[originally posted in ABCD in Action]* One theme that keeps showing up in the conversations I’ve been in among all kinds of people–in neighborhoods, spiritual organizations, nonprofits, government–is the lack of youth engagement in important local matters. This concern came … Continue reading

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Watching Ice Melt ~ Part II

Continued musings on a previous post that got too long — On money-making and being an artist… My own journey into becoming a working artist included a realization that my initial resistance toward earning money thru my art had a … Continue reading

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