Who Says Sarasota’s Boring?

Proof otherwise:


Too bad I missed it but thank god for stop-motion video, John Lichtenstein’s “White People” and local video-photo-capturing badasses Scott Braun, Stephen McFadden and John Lichtenstein. I ALMOST feel like I was there.

My favorite moment has to be minutes 2:08-2:09. I know I know that guy but can’t remember his name–clever use of stop-motion!

What’s yours?



Here’s something I DIDN’T miss:

“Not a Silent Night” — yet another explosion of local creativity and collaborative cleverness, incited by the good folks at Five Points Collective and Sarasota Music Scene.   They came up with a great concept which pulled together Sarasota Music Scene and Five Points’ large network of local musicians and bands and put Five Points’ recording studio to great use:  Create a Christmas CD by all local talent — and have a party while doing it!    (see photos here)

I was only able to stay for an hour or so but really enjoyed the warm energy, the great diversity of people coming together, and of course all the great music being played and abundance of locally produced art/fashion adorning every corner of Five Points Collective.

If you want to check out future events or get your hands on the Xmas CD I suggest you ‘Like’ Sarasota Music Scene and Five Points on Facebook.

What have you seen or been to this week that made you feel good about living in Sarasota?

Oh and don’t forget to post your favorite moment in the Spandex video.  🙂



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